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'To the Garage' is primarily a YouTube-based channel obsessed with all things XK8 and Jaguar, but we also enjoy tinkering with camper-vans, Jeeps and all manner of garage and shed based projects. This website is where we store links to useful documents, offer TTG merchandise and provide links to some tools and parts that have proved useful in making the videos. Plus essentially anything else difficult to share on YouTube. Please follow the link above to reach the YouTube channel and please help us by subscribing, clicking the notification bell and sharing what you like with your friends.
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X100 Photo Competition

Entries for the 2021 calendar competition have now closed, and the winners have been voted on.

If you have not already done so you should view the Photo competition 'Short list' video on our YouTube Channel. We have narrowed down the field from almost a hundred entries. Its your job to choose the winner and the 11 runners up.

If you wish to vote then having checked out the video on showing the 26 finalists. You can click the link in the videos description to cast your vote.  Voting is now closed.


We have selected the best 26 photos

You have to vote which is best

Watch the video. Choose your winners and then click the link in the video's description to cast your vote.

Under the Car

Live projects at the moment include those shown below.

Do you want to see what John has been up to in windy Lincolnshire?


This is Purdey. My 1996 Jaguar XK8. She was one of the first 1500 cars ever made. Aquamarine Mica in colour, with a cream leather interior in Sport Trim. She is my favourite model of my favourite car and my second XK8. The majority of my YouTube videos revolve around her.

This is Betsy. She is our 1996 Volkswagen  T4 Autosleeper Trophy. A rare and intriguing model as the last meter of its bodywork is entirely the work of  Autosleeper themselves, as VW had at this time not yet produced a long wheelbase T4. So, Autosleeper built a long body on a SWB van. Coupled with the 5 cylinder diesel from an Audi 100 it's a really interesting machine.


This is Yogi. He is our 2017 Jeep Cherokee Limited. 2.2L Diesel Automatic, with every single option on the list ticked. Even stuff we don't use, like self parking. The Jeep Cherokee is arguably the most American car available today. Every example is made in the states and the majority of its parts are also American. With the increasing trend for global production from multiple sites and shared platforms, the Cherokee may hold onto this title.

Olive the T2 and Betsy the T4 are campers we are working on.

Olive is a 1979 Automatic Bay window with a Viking roof that is having a complete interior makeover and some mechanical upgrades/improvements.

Betsy is a rare Autosleeper Trophy T4 conversion with a 5 cylinder Diesel engine. She is being slowly improved and tweaked for regular use as a mobile office and day van.


Other Weird & Wonderful

'To the Garage'  Projects and how-tos

Jaguar XK8s
Our passion is the Jaguar XK8. The most beautiful car in the world. I have owned two of them (a Carnival red '97 cabriolet named PJ) from 2007 to 2019 and the other an Aquamarine '96 cabriolet sport (named Purdey) since early 2019. We love modding, maintaining and learning about these cars and regularly share 'Secrets of the XK8' and the 'XK8 show' with all of our YouTube subscribers


VW T25. A 1990 called Campy.  It's a high-top conversion powered by a 1.9L water cooled engine (Wasserboxer). mated to an automatic transmission. She also has an LPG conversion.   

NOW SOLD. but only to my mom & Dad

NP300 Nissan Navara Pickup truck. This is a 2.3L twin-turbo diesel Tekna plus version. A hard top bed liner swing box and tailgate central locking system have been added. This car was the subject of a great many 'How to Videos on our YouTube channel. This vehicle has now left the fleet, as the need to haul weight for work has gone away. 



Jeep Renegade Limited. This little Tonka Toy gave us lots of adventures and fun. Its performance was somewhat enhanced over the standard for a 1.6L diesel after undergoing a significant ECU remap provided by our local independent Jaguar dealer. Fabulous fun. This Jeep has now been moved out to make way for our Cherokee.


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'To The Garage' is a site for all enthusiasts of spannering, restoring, tinkering and modding. We were born out of a passion for Jaguars and began making a few simple videos for our own amusement on YouTube.

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