Jaguar X100. the XK8 & XKR

Checkout  hundreds of videos via our YouTube channel. This car is Johns absolute passion. He is NOT an expert or even a mechanic. However he has been around cars and mechanical project all his life, has worked in many auto part manufacturers and in many car manufacturers plants. And has been a devoted XK8 owner for many many years.  When you have watched a few videos why not take a look at our collection of documents on the X100 Jaguar cars (XK8 and XKR)


Literally Hundreds of interesting features, functions and pieces of background info that you may not know despite owning your own example of arguably the worlds most beautiful car. 
This Link takes you to episode 1. (shot on my mobile phone with passable sound.) Since this one, we have produced around 70 more episodes and shared 100's of secrets.  Please explore some o them on the Youtube Channel by going to the 'Secrets of the XK8 and XKR playlist.

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Other XK8 XKR Videos

Check out the playlists on our YouTube channel. There are literally hundred of video's including how to fix how to mod and plain having fun with XK8 and XKR videos to enjoy.

Jaguar XK8 XKR Documents

'To the Garage' is proud and privilaged to host Gary Van ReMortel's quite brilliant and regularly updated document 'The XK8 bible'. This link will take you to our documents area where you will also find copies and links to useful Jaguar technical bulletins. and brochures.

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