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The VW T25

VW's Last rear-engined evolution of the transporter

To many, if they say camper van, they mean a VW camper. 

Whether camper, bus van or pickup, the T25 is part of the classic rear engine lineage of this iconic automotive dynasty.

T1s are the original split-screen vans often referred to as Splitties or Bulli (from its German market name).

Then came the Bay Windows. Slightly larger and with a more modern single piece windscreen. Then we arrive at the T25 of the '80s and early '90s. Wider and more angular than the previous generations, it is often referred to as a Wedge or Wedgie in the UK.

The T25 designation is only really used in the UK, other territories adopting T3 or Vanagon as the generic name for this body style. Although looking quite different, its mechanical architecture is still very obviously related to the previous 2 generations. The many variants available include:-

Transporter (panel van). Dokka (pickup truck). Caravelle (people carrier) Syncro (serious off-road weapon)

Later Generations T4, T5, T6, (All excellent vehicles) moved to much more traditional architecture with front-engine configurations. That's one reason that here on 'To The Garage' we love the T25 so much. It's the last of the rear-engined line, and all the more characterful for it.

Please Scroll down and enjoy our Videos

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Electric Power Steering Pt1

How to install electric power steering to your T25

T25 road Trip

Lincolnshire to Yorkshire and back

DIY Swing away spare wheel rack

Rear external spare mount that  'swings away' for access

Camper interior review

A talk through the interior of our T25 transporter conversion

Camper Vans: Services

VW T4 (Betsy and T2 Olive)

Both of these are part of my little fleet. Head on over to the You tube Channel to find playlists full of review, mods and maintai

Camper Vans: Hours
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