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Nissan Navara Np300

The Navara NP300 is the latest in a long line of Nissan Navara branded pick up trucks. It also forms the DNA of many other vehicles which take its architecture and build variations upon it. These include the Nissan Pathfinder (SUV variant), Renault Alaskan and the Mercedes X.
This latest incarnation of the Navara varies most substantially from its predecessors by having a coil-sprung rear end and a twin-turbo Renault master engine.
Negatives thrown at this vehicle have included a droopy rear end when loaded to the max, and the lack of a centre diff making dry tarmac 4x4 driving mechanically undesirable. Ironically the lack of a centre diff gives it an edge in extreme off-road situations compared to other vehicles with a centre diff which can not be locked. In the UK it is a well regarded truck, for its ability to swallow miles and act as a decent compromise between a weekday hauler and weekend lifestyle choice.

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Actual MPG of the NP300

Learn about the real world MPG or L/100km of the NP300 Navara auto and the accuracy of its trip computer as John shares his typically unbiased and honest experiment.

10,000 mile test & review

John gives his warts & all review of what its like to own the NP300

NP300 Grill removal

How to remove the grill in under two minutes without breaking any clips

19000 mile service

Warts & all review of niggles so far. Main dealer service costs and faults found. Plus why has John Fitted a tailgate central locking system?

Np300 quick checks pt1

Includes air box vacuum cleaning

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