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Fitting electric Power steering

Well this bank holiday weekend I did it!. Campy has gone electric (well on the steering front anyway). project has been building up in the background for some time. I love our T25 but it has a few issues and niggles. All of theses negatives are more than balanced out by the positives of owning a characterfull, pretty vehicle that is not losing value, causes fellow enthusiasts to wave and toot their horns, can double up as a beach hut. Niggle 1) The original steering wheel was starting to degrade. 80's hard plastic steering wheels reach a point in their lives when you can no longer pretend that they are a bit grubby and need a deep clean. Try as you might you can never keep them from getting

What is a T25 and why have I got one?

This Campy. Our VW T25 Campervan. Campy is a 1990 transporter pannel van converted to a high top camper very early in her life. Power (and we use the term loosely here) is provided By a 1.9 litre watercooled petrol engine known by the VW fraterity as the Wasserboxer. This is german for water boxer engine. Boxer denotes its a flat 4 rear engine set up which can trace its roots back to the earliest split screen T1's but the watercooled aspect is in VW circles not entirely embraised. Those who are not fans will point out (quite correctly) that the Wasserboxer is far less actractive, pure and simple to work on than the original air cooled boxers. Also the head bolts can corrode into place, they


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