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XK8 an Introduction

This is was my 1997 XK8 Convertible. Its been Nicknamed PJ by my wife. There is no connection to PJ & Duncan dispite the era being right. It stands for 'Pride & Joy' and its kind of stuck. This picture was taken at Friskney show in Lincolnshire. I owned PJ for 12 years. When I first bought her it was very much a 'heart' buy. I had wanted one since I saw them at launch as a much younger man. I thought though that it was no more likely than owning the Lamborghini Countach that 50% of lads my age had as a poster on their bedroom wall. When New, PJ cost £65,000! which was more than my first house. Like all old Jags though, their values fall as they leave the main dealer networks and buyers start


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