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What is a T25 and why have I got one?

Campy the VW T25 High top

This Campy. Our VW T25 Campervan. Campy is a 1990 transporter pannel van converted to a high top camper very early in her life. Power (and we use the term loosely here) is provided By a 1.9 litre watercooled petrol engine known by the VW fraterity as the Wasserboxer. This is german for water boxer engine. Boxer denotes its a flat 4 rear engine set up which can trace its roots back to the earliest split screen T1's but the watercooled aspect is in VW circles not entirely embraised. Those who are not fans will point out (quite correctly) that the Wasserboxer is far less actractive, pure and simple to work on than the original air cooled boxers. Also the head bolts can corrode into place, they can be prone to leaks, they are heavier,and that the 2nd radiator grill (just above the front bumper) makes the front less atractive.

All True! The fans though will point out tht the wasserboxer is far less likely to overheat. Particularly when going slowly up long hot hills. The engine is marginally quieter as the water jacket is a sonic insulator. These later vans develop a little more power (particularly the 2.1 injected version wich is borderline brisk). Finally for me the big one is that with a watercooled vehicle you get a really effective and conventional heater that deals really well with demisting the T25's enormous screen. A well maintained air cooled vans heater can be quite adequate but be under no illusions its not going to be a patch on a wasserboxers heater in terms of How hot the air gets, volume of hot air and how quick it gets hot.

Campi is also an Automatic. We did not go looking for an Auto but have been really pleased with the 3 speed box which shifts suprisingly smoothly and has a low enough first gear that the slopes of the yorkshire moores offer no real challenge except to those following it who will have to be patient. Campy is not a fast Bus and especially when climbing. Age, weight, height and only 3 gears are all against her in that regard. Realistically her happy cruising speed is 50-55mph. 60 onward is achievable with patience and dual carrige way but she starts to sound a little raucous. We have had her up to an indicated 72 Mph just as an experiment but it took a while and i wouldnt recommend it.

At lower speeds she is relatively lively and is a very relaxing cruiser.

Campy is also LPG gas converted. We run her on unleaded petrol a lot of the time but whenever we can we fill her gas tank and run on LPG. The tank is a ytoroidal (doughnut shaped) unit that lives where the spare wheel would normally be store under the cab floor. This is why i created my own rear mount spare wheel carrier (which you can see a video on how it was made on youtube or on the VW T25 videos page of this site).

LPG costs only 55p per litre where I live and as fuel consumption is only marginally less on LPG than petrol then the reduction in running costs are sustantial.

Campy has been on our little fleet for some years now and is a constant source of projects and mods. Power steering is on the cards very shortly and those of you who subscribe to our youtube channel will be able to see how that is installed and the difference it makes. I will also post links on this site in the VW T25 videos section of this site to everything I had to buy so you can try it yourselves if it goes well.

Hope you enjoyed this first Blog. Loads more to come soon

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