Am I the only one who likes chrome?

Its been interesting to see the themes appearing in the comments on the 'To The Garage' youtube site. Lots of people have been getting involved with the channel lately which is fantastic and something for which i am very grateful. Although the T25 and the XK8 have healthy sub groups of interest, the NP300 is generating the most questions at the moment. Its not just random questions though. More than 50% revolve around how to remove the various chrome styling elements from the pick up.

As someone who has worked on many car production lines and in many factories producing trim parts, its usually not too much effort to oblige where I can.

The conundrum is though, Why?

Its clear that most if not all of these enquiries are related to a desire to eliminate /wrap or paint these chrome items. So the actual 'Why' that im struggling with is:- Why do so many folk want to eliminate the chrome. Nissan believe that Chrome is what folk want. I thought it looked great and it was part of the vehicles appeal.

Am I the only one? Is the vehicle styled for Japan and the States and europeans and most other parts of Asia prefer black and or body colour trim?